First Blog!

I’m excited to have my first blog ever!  Although I wasn’t prepared today to get this going, I wanted to make sure I had a spot for all my thoughts, ideas and inspiration.  This new venture isn’t ALL new, we have had a business for a few years now, however I have been given the keys to take this new product to the next level.  A little bit about this, I have had a tattoo subscription box, but I got more feedback that “tattoo fans” wanted the box more, so I changed it up and made it more of a “tattoo enthusiast box”  The name of our subscription box is Inked Box, so it will be full of miscellaneous items with the focal point being tattoo and piercing of course.  But think of who gets tattoos or maybe is just a fan of tattoos but doesn’t really want any, which is fine…don’t judge us and we won’t judge you lol.  I won’t really go into specifics of what will be in the box until I can put up what is going in the first box, otherwise it wouldn’t be a subscription box right?

So success or failure is up to me, which is kind of scary but also very exciting!  So take the trip with me and let’s see where we can go!  I don’t have a schedule of sorts and right now, no followers lol so I’m anxious to get this out there and make this known and am willing to take any advice I can get.  I will be back soon!